• How do you know you've run an Impact Marathon?


    1. You spent the week camping in a stunning Athlete's Village with 200 amazing people


    2. You visited, volunteered and connected with the exact projects you chose to run for


    3. You ran the most challenging, stunning race of your life and didn't care about your time


    4. You unleashed the power of running and your life will never be the same again

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  • Which Impact marathon are you?

    With 4 incredible races across the globe, each one tackling an entirely different social issue, each one taking in the most stunning scenery and amazing cultures - the hardest thing about joining the Impact Marathon Series is knowing which country to race in. In just a few questions time, you will have your answer...

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    Nick Kershaw


    As Founder of Uganda's first ever international marathon Nick pioneered the concept of using running to build communities, challenge social ills and change the lives of all who run together. Nick has left his career in finance to follow the dream that together we will make a real impact on the world through the simple power of running.

    Matt Fenton


    With 13 years in the social travel arena, Matt brings a wealth of experience. Frequently found all over Latin America he has worked to build several successful social enterprise travel companies that take people out of their comfort zone to developing countries around the world to volunteer and experience new destinations and cultures.

    Emma Frampton

    Communications & Marketing

    If Emma can't take it to market, then it probably can't be marketed! With years of experience across the world's biggest brands she has decided to escape and combine all her passions. Marketing, travelling, running and camping - what's not to like? A huge asset to the organisation she makes sure your journey is smooth and utterly special.

    Annie Ross


    Hot off the blocks from completing her eXerK 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks and rounding up her 5 years of banking...We Got Annie! Well versed in organising events and bringing people together, outrageously focused, she speaks Spanish and brings a lot of energy, and we mean, a lot of energy - that's why she's our Operations Manager for Colombia.

    Ellie & Paul

    Race Directors

    Ellie and Paul simply live running. Their dream is sharing their passion for running with the world and do so through their popular blogging site WeAreRunners. Having both organised and raced in a good deal international events, including this years Best International Event - Uganda Marathon, the energetic duo are very excited to get stuck in to the Impact Marathon Series and continue exploring the world through running.

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